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Social Media During A Pan Pizza!

By BlueRobin

E2E Blogger

If you’re someone like me, you’re a 50/50 sort of person. By this I mean you’re a bit of an introvert and an extrovert or even calm yet “spicy” at times. Where you are, or the current mood you’re in will determine which side of this 50/50 personality shines. I say that to say this; there have always been pros and cons with social media. During this pandemic I often find myself needing a cleanse from the negative aspects of social media and searching for more positive content to lift my spirits. There has been so much going on in the world besides the pandemic we’re in that it’s only natural it may be too much to digest at times.

We can’t always control how rude, inconsiderate or unpleasant others may be but we can choose whether to look at or listen to it. I have needed a break from the negative side of this generation and even society in general. We have witnessed protests, raids, spiking cases of the virus, a rise in unemployment, a government shutdown that didn’t last long enough, injustices towards different groups and most importantly how careless this country has been in dealing with it all. All of this could definitely be overwhelming to many, especially because we witnessed these things in quarantine, unable to be comforted or surrounded by friends and loved ones.

Once I decided to take a step back, I first took a deep breath. I had to find things to do that make me smile or tasks I knew would make me feel good after completing them; listening to new music, finally folding my laundry after 3 days, writing in my “me journal”, dancing nonstop for 30 seconds, drinking some lemon and ginger tea, practicing my cooking skills with a new dish or binge watching some of my favorite animes. Some outdoor activities to help could include exercise, going to a park, eating from a new restaurant, getting some fresh air, or learning to skate since you’ve been telling yourself you would for the past couple months. Whatever you need to do to take your mind off of the cons of social media, do it! You’re in control of your own happiness so don’t feel down about taking that break for yourself.

I enjoy content that makes me laugh since it really is the best medicine.

However, I also like to absorb all the positivity that pops up on my timeline whether it be on

Twitter, Instagram or TikTok. I believe there are great aspects to them all so I make sure that I follow creators and like content that best feeds my soul the good vibes one should be receiving. I enjoy content that makes me laugh since it really is the best medicine. If you love funny animal videos, watch a couple. If hilarious gifs/memes make your day, Twitter awaits you! Need some videos on organizational tips for your home? Go straight to the search bar. There are so many pros to social media you just need to find and be open to them. We are able to network and chat with people all over the world or even those not so far.

Social media has helped us a great deal with staying in touch since it isn’t safe to meet in person

I love that social media has helped me keep in contact with friends and family that I don’t get to see every day whether it is because of school or life just being life. I have friends that I may not talk to every day but if I need them or just want to talk I’d be able to contact them easily. Social media has helped us a great deal with staying in touch since it isn’t safe to meet in person during this panera bread, but has been a roller coaster to say the least. Though it is important to stay informed, in order to maintain balance in the content I pour into myself I had to remember to take a trip to the joyful side. I encourage others to do the same whenever you may feel yourself being swamped with the bad aspects of these apps. Take a minute to retreat and regroup if need be. There is so much more to life than social media which some people might’ve forgotten because of this generation’s influence or because of the Pandora we’re still in. Regardless, always take care of yourself mentally and emotionally first.

You’re the main character in your life so why not write your story the way you want?

Thank you for reading my first blog. I hope you enjoyed it and took something away from it.

By BlueRobin

E2E Blogger


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