Six Enlightening Confirmations That Spirit Is Near You

By Jacqueline Davieau ©

Weekly Feature

And No, You Are Not Crazy!

Believe it or not, the spiritual realm is around you all the time. There are very distinctive calling cards to let you know when spirit is nearby. (As in the same room…close). Some of us are more sensitive to spiritual energy than others. Those that are sensitive to this energy are considered Empaths. An Empath is simply someone who is able to understand and experience the feelings of others, outside of their own perspective. Many people do not realize that they are Empaths, but they are. A spirit is 100% energy.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am very aware of energetic shifts around people, places, and things. However, this is something we are all capable of doing. I am going to go over a few enlightening confirmations that a spirit is near you, and is also trying to communicate. Anytime that spirit tries to communicate with you, please treat it as the gift that it is. I am confident that you have all experienced at least one of these spiritual events.


Ring in the Ear

Whenever I am giving a client a spiritual healing/reading, and my right ear begins to ring. I know instantly that a message from spirit is about to come through. The spiritual realm is at a higher vibration than ours, and when they are near us it can be extremely sensitive on our ears. There have been plenty of times, when I have been going about my normal daily activities and my right ear begins to ring. When this happens, I clear my mind and wait for the message spirit wants to tell me. This is quite common, and anyone can pick up on a spiritual frequency change. The next time your ear starts to ring, try to be receptive to what spirit has to say. (If you have constant ringing in your ears, please check with you doctor. This may be a condition known as tinnitus).

Sudden Temperature Change

A sudden drop in temperature, or “cold spot” is a sure sign that a spirit is near you. The drastic change in temperature may even give you goosebumps. The theory is, that when a spirit is trying to manifest itself, it can use the energy from heat in the surrounding area. As it is using the heat around you, it will cause an instant drop in the temperature.

PRO TIP… A good way to test a cold spot is to move in and out of the area. Check to see if the entire room is cold, or if it is only cold in one small area. I have been able to see my own breath in cold spots!

Odd Sounds or Voices

Have you ever heard odd tapping or knocking on the walls in your home? This could very well be a spirit trying to get your attention. It is easier for a spirit to make a small noise than to completely manifest right before your eyes. Spirit also loves to call your name. When they are unable to get your attention in subtle ways, they will call out your name. This scares many people, but it shouldn’t. If an energetic being wants to talk to you that badly, consider yourself special.

For a good portion of my adult life, I worked as a Paranormal Investigator. One of the driving reasons why I entered the field, was because I often heard the voices of spirits. I was hellbent to prove my experiences were real. My favorite form of evidence to capture was always EVP’s. (Electronic Voice Phenomenon). With a voice recorder recording, you ask spirit a question, and if you are lucky you will get a response. The best part of getting EVP’s as evidence, is that you do not need to be a professional investigator to do it. All you need is a basic voice recorder.

PRO TIP… When you are doing an EVP session ask spirit a question, and then stay silent for 30 seconds. You want to give the spiritual realm a chance to answer. Also, I like to keep my recordings under 5 minutes. It makes it easier to review. When you listen back to yo