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Sharing Is Caring

Tejal Kutarekar ©

"I wish to share, I choose to share because I care!"

I have been a part of the E2E family for over 7 months now. Let me confess that I learned a lot along the way from the content available on this platform. Many contributors shared some snippets of their personal life stories to educate others, spread self-awareness, motivate others, and make other's life worth living!

Sharing was a vital source to disseminate what we all learned from our varied life experiences and observations. Information and as much knowledge that we all had we chose to put it out there to help the masses. Recently, E2E crossed the 300 articles, let's take a moment to ponder over how our sharing journey started on E2E. I felt, we kind of left behind a legacy with our captivating content that is infinite and eternal!

These all started from just one decision of ours. "I wish to share, I choose to share because I care!"

Our internal dialogue is sharing.

Our small talks with plants and flowers in the garden are sharing.

Our chit-chat with near and dear ones is sharing.

Our silent cry on a trusty shoulder is sharing.

The warmth of holding hands without uttering a word is sharing.

Sitting mindfully in nature is sharing.

Journaling daily is sharing.

Closing eyes with a gentle smile on the face is sharing.

Helping someone in need is sharing.

Sharing has no particular language or process, it has only emotions and feelings!

Let's quickly go through what other perks we may expect by sharing,

  • Thinking - Our brain does a good job of sticking to the negative thinking loop. We need to consciously shift our focus from the negative to a brighter side. Sharing helps to ease out this conscious navigation.

  • Thoughts - Have you ever noticed that the thoughts that we don't wish to ponder over keep popping up again and again? This sucks our mental energy. Sharing gives a platform for such thoughts to feel less bothered.

  • Emotions - We all have freedom of expression, but do we really justify this? Sometimes our emotions remain unexpressed. Sharing is the best option when it comes to managing emotions that are suppressed.

  • Feelings - How do we feel when something is unsaid? We feel like it would have been better if we had said that. Not to mention here, how sharing can help you tremendously to unleash your feelings with this.

  • Loneliness - Let's be very honest, the thought of being lonely haunts us the most. Sharing your heart out among a trustworthy network helps to monitor the feeling of loneliness to a great extent.

  • Belongingness - When people share their worries, and problems we can relate our life with them. The reality of life is not what is projected on social media. Everybody's life is imperfectly beautiful with highs and lows. Sharing helps to receive and give a sense of belonging.

  • Perception - Narrow thinking will never help to broaden the perspective. Sharing helps to look at our imperfect life stories from a different angle.

  • Deep hurt - Pain that is felt and engraved deeply with the memories is very hard to rewire. But it is not impossible either to accept and move on. Sharing is the best way of venting out what you feel deep down.

  • State of mind - We keep our thinking, memories, emotions, and feelings dumped inside that may burst out at any time. I have read somewhere that if the state of sadness remains for a long period of time that may result in depression. Sharing could turn out to be an effective therapy to accept and acknowledge the phase mindfully and to come out of it, gradually.

  • Life coaching - When I coach people to live a better life, I always emphasize more on how it is important to let your inner self express fully. As I interact more with the people, I understand, that what we see on the surface level is just a bit sized part of the whole personality. Every individual has many layers that get unfold with time. I am awestruck by seeing how every person holds a lot within that seeks the pathways to flow out someday.

  • Learn and grow - The best example is the content that we share on E2E. I have nothing to say much here. The example itself talks a lot, I feel.

  • Explore the horizons - Explore the people to expand your horizons. I love doing this because the more I explore by sharing my thoughts, views, and opinions with others and understanding other's thoughts, views, and opinions the better I get at understanding my own life.

  • Coping ways - Unless you share, you will not discover different combating strategies. Opening up opens up new avenues and you keep getting the help out of nowhere.

  • Helping others - You never know how your piece of sharing can result in a turning point in life for someone. Recently, I appreciated my friend's small business that sailed through the hard times of the COVID pandemic. We all know how tough everything was to sustain during this challenging time. After a while, I got a voice note from her saying she was thinking of closing down her business due to unavoidable circumstances and after getting my appreciation note she actually thought of dropping the plan of business wind up. You see, how wonderfully this works.

  • Stress buster - These days, the lifestyle has blown the stress level out of proportion. Share as much as you could to de-stress a bit mentally.

I was unaware about the importance of sharing until I experienced its power with recent life experiences of mine. Hence, I thought of clubbing this sharing with a thank you note to E2E for exactly doing the same for us all.

Before closing, my heartfelt gratitude to E2E for caring by giving us a platform for our thoughts, feelings, voices, emotions, experiences, and words for sharing!

With our collective efforts, I am sure we will go a long way with this commendable teamwork.

Toast to E2E!


About Tejal

Hey There! This is Tejal Kutarekar. I am a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur by profession. Writing is something that is therapeutic for me. I love spreading self-awareness about emotional and mental health with the help of writing and composing poems. I am pleased to bring out my inner passion of guiding through writing with the help of the Empath to Empath platform. See you all soon with my content there.


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