Please Don't Be Sad

By Amy Temple

E2E Blogger

"I am an American inspirational and motivation writer/blogger and the author of the 2017 memoir "I Am Not Stupid" which is about living with learning disabilities and is available on Amazon. I regularly contribute to several websites, which can be found at my Linkedin profile: www.linkedin.com/in/amy-temple-34254a167. What inspires me are people who are not afraid to stand out in the crowd and follow their own path'.

Please don't be sad

God's calling me home

To a bright, beautiful place

Where the sun always shines

And love is free to roam

You know I don't want to go

I'd rather stay here with you

But my work here is done

There'll be nothing left for me to do

You may be crying those sad lonely tears

But do know this, I'll be free from the pain

So rest your fears

I'll always love you

I'll take our memories with me

For I'll never forget how things used to be

There's just one thing I ask of you

One job that you must do

Carry on with me in your heart

And never allow us to be apart

This isn't the end

My love for you

I'll continue to send

Please don't be sad

God's called me home

"I wrote this poem after a relative died several years ago"

By Amy Temple ©

E2E Blogger


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