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Music Video - Galaxy Of Sun

Music Artist - Ingrida Geltyte


I am Ingrida Geltyte from Lithuania and I have lived in UK for over a decade now. I have always been passionate about the arts - In my youth I was involved in dancing, acting, singing as an essential part of my development. Along the way I discovered the joy of songwriting and performing. Using guitar and my vocals I can express myself fully and tell the people my story. I find it healing and it helps extract emotions, which sometimes can be trapped inside of us. Right now I am teaching yoga to people and with a help of music I help them deepen their healing process.

Photography - Ingrida Geltyte ©

Galaxy of Sun - YouTube

"I held so much emotion in this unwritten song, when one day it appeared in my mind and I could express it. It is about many things, and to me it's mostly about honesty and hope in life, especially in moments when we need it most. Hope changes everything, even in the darkest situations, there is hope to be found. When we are vulnerable, we are real and honest to ourselves and others, therefore it's time for us to flourish and grow. So with hope and embracing vulnerability we can survive everything".

For more information on Ingrida's music and covers head over to the Youtube link below:


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1 Comment

By Christopher
By Christopher
Feb 07, 2021

Ingrida, I will absolutely love to hear your music! Thank you for sharing a bit of your story🙏🏻

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