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By Cosmic Birch

Poem - Cosmic Birch ©

Drawing - unknown (come forward for credit)

February 2021

She cradled his head

Aware of his pain

Aware of his battle

A lost little boy, in the rain

She felt it deep in her heart

She wrapped him in love

Her light

Her strength, and her fight

Giving him

Everything she could

His warrior soul

So misunderstood

She cushioned his fall

She gave him her all

Lifting him up

She knew, she'd never give up

Written by Cosmic Birch ©


"Greetings and gratitude. I am Cosmic Birch, I am a mom to two fantastic children, who are an absolute joy. I love writing and use poetry to express myself and how I feel. Poetry helps me purge and be creative. As an empath and a lightworker I am delighted to be able to share my poetry".

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1 comentario

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
18 feb 2021

A very beautiful poem❤❤

Me gusta
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