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Empower Your Mindset ~ Interview Series - Guests - Anton & Irina

Weekly Series ~ Every Friday by Stephanie Lau

About Stephanie

Stephanie Lau is a mindfulness-based coach and personal development writer. She left a career as an arts educator in order to focus on sharing her knowledge in mindfulness, meditation, and reiki healing modalities after experiencing traumatic events. In 2018, she trained with the nonprofit Access Mindfulness to help New York City schools and underserved communities live in more self-aware, compassionate, and mindful ways. Her mission is to help consciously-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives transform and heal blockages and trauma through self-love and self-awareness practices.

Today you will meet the wonderful breathworkers: Anton & Irina!

Anton Wisbiski is the founder of I Am Powerful, a social media agency, and Irina Melkumyan is an Entertainment Banking Relationship Manager. Together – they lead people in breathwork and meditation journeys.

You'll like this interview if you want more tips and tools for SELF-LOVE and SELF-COMPASSION.

What You'll learn:

Understanding anxiety: head vs. heart vs. gut

Tools for self-love and self-compassion

Powerful breathwork practice

See you there!

With love,


Empower Your Mindset, Conversation With Anton and Irina, YouTube, 2020


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