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Email To Judas - Thank You

Written by SoulSeeker

E2E Blogger

From: SoulSeeker

To: Judas

Date: 23rd March 2021

Time: 09:35

Subject: Thank you


Dear Judas.

I hope you are well. I apologise for the long reply.

I have taken some time to think, switched off and asked the universe why? The past few weeks have been difficult. Correction! The past few months have been difficult. But over the last few weeks I have been given challenge after challenge and test after test. I have had my boundaries pushed to limits I did not know I had. I asked my question why?

And I listened.

I would like to say thank you Judas for taking your knife and impaling my heart so publicly.

Thank you for exposing my weakness for the world to see. Like Lex Luther exposing Clark Kent to Kryptonite. Thank you for trying to twist your knife and use my weakness against me.

But like Clark Kent, I always pull through in the end, and I am always grateful for the lesson learned. Thank you for making me remember the most painful memories I have the burden of carrying with me. Thank you for reminding me of the pain, struggle, guilt and heart break.

But most of all, Thank you for reminding me of who I used to be. Strong and brave.

A lioness ready to protect.

A wolf who silently succeeds in the shadow.

A proud hawk soaring.

Reminding me of the strong willed sixteen year-old girl walking in to her first day of college eager to learn and proud of the choice she made. You reminded me of my passion. You see, I went to college to study child care and development. I have always wanted to be a paediatric nurse.

To help families like mine.

To help women like me.

To help our babies and children grow to be as healthy as can be.

Thank you for reminding me and giving me the strength to start this next chapter.

If it wasn't for you, I think that sixteen year-old girl would have be lost for a bit longer. For the first time in a very long time, I can see things clearly.

Thank you for reminding me.

Kind regards


Aspiring Paediatric Nurse.


"I'm starting on my adventure of healing. I write mostly to help sort through my emotions and feelings that I struggle to communicate. If anything I write relates to you somehow. I hope you can take comfort knowing that you are not alone".

SoulSeeker x


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