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Do Something Badly Versus Nothing At All

Marc Chabrier ©

Do something badly versus nothing at all. If we never aim at anything we can never accomplish anything. I believe this wholeheartedly and I encourage each and every one of you to really start taking a good look at where you are in life.

When I was younger I always attempted to do things regardless of whether or not I would fail. I just did it and really didn’t think too much about it. It was only later on in life that I seemed to start hesitating on certain things. I believe it may have been because of how others would see me. Would they see me fail? Why do we do this?

Our peers sometimes seem to have a stranglehold on us and we may not realize it. We compare ourselves to others’ successes and failures to benchmark where we may end up and that’s just dumb. We are not them and they are not us. Discipline and determination can get us anywhere. It truly is better to do something badly instead of never even trying.

If we do something badly that’s ok. Take a look at the results and make notes on how we can do better with it for the next time. Fumble the ball again and again. Don’t worry if it’s not exact or precise.

Realize that not many people can do things exactly their first time. Nor their second time. Nor even the third. Over time you will figure it out and you will start developing a new mindset. You will hone in on the skill to the point of internal success.

Once you do something right away and it ends up badly, give yourself lots of credit for even having the courage to do it. Fear of failure stops many people from even getting to the starting line. Take aim at it and go for it. I promise you that over time you will really start feeling more confident in attempting different things.

I’ve been paying attention to this a lot more lately with some of my art stuff. I purposely try to do some new style of painting just so that I can build up my confidence more. The canvas can be repainted if I mess up too bad. Who cares? I feel worse about myself when I don’t even attempt something that I haven’t done before. It feels much better when I continue to evolve and grow. The feeling is rewarding in all areas of my life!


Do something badly versus nothing at all. At least you aren’t sitting around complaining about a bunch of stuff you never even tried. You know people like this, don’t you? Stop making excuses for yourself.


What’s one thing that you did badly and then later worked out?


About Marc

Hi, I’m Marc! Father, photographer, exotic car lover, progressive learner, and an all-around good guy with a cartoon-like personality.

I am so glad you arrived here! If you are present and accounted for because you are looking to create a better life for yourself than you are in the right spot. At Ridiculously Enjoy Life we help you learn how to achieve happiness in your life in different ways. When I started this journey, it began out of necessity. My life was crazy, man! I now have been able to transform myself into the person I want to be.

Helping others makes me happy and by creating Ridiculously Enjoy Life, it has given me the opportunity to help on a grander scale.

Help me help you, so we can help each other.


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1 Comment

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Jun 23, 2022

Another good one, Marc😊👍. To answer your question...in my dog sitting business and writing career, I have made so many mistakes but I just keep on going knowing that the people I am working for are very understanding😊

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