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Beauty In The Moment

Wahu Kariuki is an educator and non-fiction ghostwriter. In the last three years, she has run a blog and has authored a book titled Limitless Existence both in which she uses narration to explore the aspects of self-love and affirmations. She believes that every life moment is a potential story and is continually living through as many stories as she can


Heaven has been chasing me all my life,

She waved vigorously for my attention,

I never could give her what she needed,

I was chasing myself too.

From chasing to intentional pursuit,

Heaven exists within and around me,

She smiles fondly and a kiss she blows,

In its comfort I see myself.

I am the breathtaking incense smoke,

Blowing away recklessly,

In the air my brokenness lets in.

I am the sweet melody,

Of hope in a good worship song.

I am the cold Sunday afternoon,

Breezing through the dancing trees.

I am the words flowing through my veins,

The gushing, the cause,

The freedom they give,

The truth they hold.

I am the beauty in the moment.

Written by Wahu Kariuki ©


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