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Are You Self-Driven?

Tejal Kutarekar ©

"Just feel the magic of you have done a great job!"

Listening to motivational speakers gives us a sense of encouragement and inspiration. We feel pumped up for a couple of days or weeks. But often, this sense of encouragement and inspiration fades away after a period of time. Why does this happen?

Well, this happens because we rely on external sources for inspiration. What would happen if we start relying on internal sources instead? Let's figure that out in this curation. I sum up the equation with this:

Motivation + Inspiration + Empowerment = Self-Drive but before motivation comes a suitable Action. Many people tell me their concern that they do not feel motivated to do anything. I always ask them, "What actions did you take?" And here I always get a counter-question. "How come can we take any actions if we aren't feeling motivated?" My reply to this has been the same for ages, "Take an Action and you will see Motivation will follow the suit." Let's reframe our previous equation

Actions + Motivation + Inspiration + Empowerment = Self-Drive If you closely observe then you will understand that this is the sequence to actually be self-driven. What else will help to be a self-driven person? 1. As we get older we forget to have a look at our infant stage. Those small baby steps resulted in the person who could take miles walk a day, now. Was this a one-step process? Of course, It wasn't. We crawled first, then we started taking baby steps with those cute shaky legs, then we started walking with the support of a wall, and today you know what you are up to. Our efforts may seem negligible, but every baby step counts! 2. Discover the purpose of your life. The purpose need not be a significant one, it needs to be something that will make you feel content. Cherish small things! 3. Pep-talk a day keeps the brain self-driven all day. Not kidding. 4. Internal grooming matters! Knowing your mindset, emotions and feelings will help to manage them. The more you are aware of them, the better you can learn to manage them. Work on these soft skills! 5. Don't forget to pat yourself on the back. Self-praise over small victories helps to boost morale. Just feel the magic of "You have done a great job!" 6. What makes you feel unstoppable? Pen down the list on the paper and stick it up on the vision board. This will be your booster dose for those sucking blues. 7. Every day is an imperfect day. Sh*t happens and some things go exactly the way we want them to be. Your focus decides who will choose the mood of the day. Choose that helps! 8. Do you love gifts? Well, who hates them? We all love surprises and gifts. Become your own Secret Santa by giving small gifts to yourself. Those blossomed jasmines in the garden are not a bad idea, though! 9. Rediscover your life. The monotonous routine makes us feel hollow, lost, and empty. Restructure your routine to add the element of surprise after regular intervals. 10. Start life afresh! There is no age bar for this. Every moment is the opportunity to reframe your life and to direct the life in the direction where you wish to lead. 11. Be flexible with the goals, but make sure you make a strategy and attempt to achieve them. We procrastinate a lot because we are never short of excuses. Adopt come what may approach once you are adamant about the set goal. 12. Some people may try to bog you down. Not everyone can digest your growth and progress. It is crucial that you choose to stand by your side when nobody else is supporting you. 13. Time management is of vital importance. Spare some time for doing the activities that you like to do. We all get 24 hours a day, what matters is how efficiently we learn to manage the tasks with time. 14. We are told to keep ourselves busy. The only difference between a successful person and an ordinary person is that a successful person tries to be productive and the latter one busy. Be productive and not busy! 15. Be kind and gentle with your feelings and emotions. I know, we are never comfortable with certain feelings and emotions but this will not make them less uncomfortable. Your internal dialogue 'self-talk' decides where your attention goes. Remember, where your attention goes, energy flows there. The empathetic internal dialogue will help for self-acceptance. When we talk about being an independent person, we consider financial and physical independence but we often overlook some important factors. Being emotionally and mentally independent for feeling happy and motivated is one of them. God has given us enough potential to be our own role model, but we all are so busy to find that one person outside. Whereas in reality, that one is within us! Now, a question for you,

Do you think, from now on, you need somebody else to keep you driven, motivated, inspired, and encouraged?

"The empathetic internal dialogue will help for self-acceptance".

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Hey There! This is Tejal Kutarekar. I am a Certified Life Coach and Entrepreneur by profession. Writing is something that is therapeutic for me. I love spreading self-awareness about emotional and mental health with the help of writing and composing poems. I am pleased to bring out my inner passion of guiding through writing with the help of the Empath to Empath platform. See you all soon with my content there.


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