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5 Super Cool Tips To Avoid Digital Dementia

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Digital Dementia is on the rise. Wait, what the heck is Digital Dementia? Well, I can’t actually remember the specifics of it, so let me look it up real quick! Ha! I am forgetting so many things nowadays versus many years ago. What about you?

We have farmed out so many things that years ago our minds were capable of doing with little mental fatigue. Some good examples of this are, remembering phone numbers, addresses, names, and so on. I used to have at least 10 to 15 phone numbers memorized at all times and nowadays I’d be lucky if I can recall 2 of them.

Our minds have let go of retention and we’ve just allowed our digital devices to do all the leg work for us. Have you ever lost your phone and needed to get a hold of someone right away and you couldn’t remember phone numbers? Yeah, that really sucks!

5 Super Cool Tips To Avoid Digital Dementia

Start using your brain. Force yourself to take accountability for the things that are important. A great example of this is if you have to navigate to a place then go ahead and use your GPS to get there. Next, pay close attention to the route along the way so that you can navigate yourself back to where you were. This means that you turn off navigation on the return and you rely on your brain to navigate you. Yes, it’s tough but the more you try the more you exercise your mind. (note: if you get lost don’t freak out, just turn the GPS back on and get back on track. Just pay more attention so little by little you will start gaining control of your mind.

Get back to doing as many things as you can manually. Do crossword puzzles, circle circles, sudoku, etc. This will get your brain kick-started again to work for yourself. Think McFly think! Do not Google and don’t look in the back. Stop cheating. You can do it so give yourself credit!

Discover new hobbies that will bring you new mental challenges. Get creative and find something fun for you to do. The Pandemic is luckily tapering off so start getting that brain of yours working again.

Minimize all the time-wasting on social media for no apparent reason. All these things do is cause us to get entangled in the web, the web of digital stuff. There’s an app for that right?! Smile!

We are overusing technology. I am discovering that we are getting so many products for products. A great example of this is our digital assistants.


Start paying attention to your tasks that are being farmed out to our technology and try to do as many of them on your own as you can. This one really is a tough one for someone like me because having an online blog and business, there are so many pieces to the puzzle. Like for real, it’s really overwhelming. I am doing my best to start exercising my mind in as many other ways as possible so as to hopefully avoid getting Digital Dementia later on down the road.


What things do you notice that you farm out to technology? Are they worth it or do you think you need a new method?


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
May 20, 2022

Very well written 😊👍!

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