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5 Super Cool Esteemable Behavior Tips

Do you have esteemable behavior? It means doing things that increase your self-esteem. Many of us seem to have our self-esteem driven by others. Why? Why do we benchmark ourselves on others and their perceptions? It is time to stop all that nonsense and get back to who you really are.

You need to learn how to appreciate and value yourself, here are some really cool ways to get you going in the right direction! Do understand that the only way this will work is if you go all in. Put all your chips in and get started!

5 Super Cool Esteemable Behavior Tips:

(in no magic order)

1. Identification - We need to identify where we are at with our self-esteem. Is it in the dumps and we need lots of tools? Or are we at the middle of the road type? Once we have somewhat of an idea of where we are, we can get going. This doesn’t mean not to start where you are, of course, you can get off your butt and begin at your beginning.

2. Discovery - Let’s figure out the common triggers for our self-esteem issues. Is it that we feel bad about ourselves around co-workers, in school, around a spouse, or in some other area of our lives. Once we can get to the source, then we can modify our behaviors.

3. The Mind - Start challenging your crazy negative thoughts about yourself. Most of the time they are completely inaccurate when it comes to ourselves. We are certainly our own worst critic. Stand up to yourself to make the necessary mental changes. You need to know that most of the beliefs about yourself have stemmed from the past. Like when we were younger. For some of us that was a long freakin time ago so we may need to do a deep dive. Get your scuba gear on!

4. Filtering - We have to take things with a grain of salt. Not everything is as it seems, so we need to make sure that we can really fine-tune what we hear, see, and experience. I know this one sounds tricky, based on all the external sources of info that we digest daily. Trust me this is going to be a big one for you so make a note.

5. Stop Over-analyzing - You don’t have to accept every negative thought that comes into your mind about yourself. In fact, a lot of things can actually be pushed aside and you can distance yourself from them. Only you can let them affect your self-esteem. Esteemable behavior hinges on your own actions. Sometimes no action is actually a good action. Kinda weird, huh?!


Esteemable behavior will only work if you start the process. Pay attention to what your thoughts are telling you. Then recognize the times when it’s ok to step back from those negative thoughts to regroup. You got this! You are wonderful and amazing!


What esteemable behavior do you already have and how has it helped you with your self-esteem?


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
02 apr 2022

Well written😊

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