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Seven Weeks Of Focus #7 - Compassion For Humanity

Music Artist - By, Christopher ©

The “Seven Weeks of Focus” series is going to be a collection of seven original soundtrack from the By, Christopher YouTube channel.

1. Meditation

2. The Present Moment

3. Breathe in light, Breathe out Stress

4. Emotions

5. Compassion - (for yourself)

6. Inspiration

Week 7 from the Seven Weeks Of Focus series: Compassion for humanity.

Working on the Seven Weeks Of Focus series has been an absolute joy. It has brought me out of my comfort zone and challenged me to do something new. There have been a number of focuses since the series began and today I am happy to give you - Compassion For Humanity.

I was asked recently in a podcast interview how I define kindness. That’s an interesting question because I’m sure you’d get a different response from anyone you asked. I said that I believed kindness was being able to listen to someone and truly hear them. Not agree, not disagree, not wait to get you point across but listen. That is a much harder idea to put in to daily practice than one might expect. I, myself work on that daily. I believe that giving a person your undivided attention and ear can be one of the greatest acts of compassion that there is.

We all want there to be peace in the world. I wish sometimes that I could wave a magic wand and there be harmony in everyone’s hearts. Especially in todays unforgiving and judgmental world.

What I’ve learned and taught myself is it isn’t about changing the world today but the one kind act you can do for one person. Perhaps it's listening to them, perhaps it's a kind word or service. My view on world change isn’t about affecting millions at a time but impacting one persons day. Can you imagine the change you’d see in the world if we all took that approach? It’s something to think about.

It has been my absolute pleasure to be bringing you this meditation series. It is not the end either as there will be more exciting projects to come this year.

Be kind, be safe and be humble. Thank you for listening🙏🏻

The Seven Week Of Focus, Compassion For Humanity, YouTube, 2021

Music & Written by By, Christopher ©


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