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Seven Weeks Of Focus #3 - Breathe In Light, Breathe Out Stress

Music Artist - By, Christopher ©

The “Seven Weeks of Focus” series is going to be a collection of seven original soundtrack from the By, Christopher YouTube channel.

1. Meditation

2. The Present Moment

4. Emotions

5. Compassion - (for yourself)

6. Inspiration

7. Compassion for Humanity

Week 3: Breathe In Light, Breathe Out Stress

We can all breathe out more stress these days right? In my newest soundtrack for the “Seven weeks of focus” series I turn to a happier and less serious sound as you being to become more aware of your mood.

The accompanying photography was taken near my house and encompasses the feeling in the music. Light.

The following four weeks will continue to brighten in sound and tone. We all can be breathing in more positive light. Most importantly, who are we giving that light too? That is how I see my music, a shared gift from the universe to assist anyone who may need it.

Breathe In Light, Breathe Out Stress, YouTube, 2021

Music & Written by By, Christopher ©


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