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Artwork - Hope, Self Love And Beauty

Artist - Desiree Norwood ©

Materials - Acrylic paint, pastels and digital art

Desiree Norwood is a self taught artist and illustrator located in Philadelphia. She began painting professionally since 2014. Her medium of choice is acrylic paint, pastels and recently digital art. She loves painting portraits, people of color and anything that she finds beautiful in this world. 3 words that can describe her work is hope, self love and beauty.


"Is a digital painting that I was inspired by after seeing the beauty of the reference photo. She embodies self love.”


"My mother is a breast cancer survivor, coming up on 15 years. This painting represents strength, courage and vulnerability. She is not ashamed of her appearance and she wears her scars proudly".

A Mother’s Love

"I was inspired to do this piece because the beauty of the mother’s embrace holding her child represent beauty, unconditional love and warmth. Knowing that your mother will always love, support and comfort you is refreshing."


“I was inspired to do a piece for Black History Month, and after seeing many heartbreaking images I came across one with a slave wearing a punishment collar. This brutal force of punishment happened when a slave tried to escape. Although the act itself was demeaning and disgusting, I wanted this illustration to demonstrate hope, glory and power. His head is not bowed down in defeat but erect, with his head held high. His pride is not broken and his hope still shines upon him.”


“Hope is about a girl who suffers from depression. So much so she feels like she is drowning. But with a little hope and prayer she submerges.”

Artwork & Written by Desiree Norwood ©

For more information on Desiree's work, head over to Instagram - #desireenorwoodart


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