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All About The Glow

Artist - Sonia Jas-cameron

Medium: Digital- IPad + Procreate

(2017 - Present)

Sonia Jas-cameron is a self-taught artist and illustrator from Nigeria. She started off by wanting to draw a self portrait back in 2016, it was then she fell in love with portrait painting and she decided to learn more and practice on her own. She started painting professionally in 2017. She gets her inspiration from diverse aspects of a photograph; could be the skin, the hair, the clothing or the gestures; and with each portrait comes the thrill of wanting to see her own interpretation of that piece. She loves adding a certain glow to all her drawings, which she feels her art is incomplete without.

Artist - Sonia Jas-cameron ©

To view more portraits by Sonia, head over to her Instagram - @sjayartisty


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Amy Temple
Amy Temple
11 feb 2021

Very, very beautiful❤👍😁

Me gusta
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