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Seven Weeks Of Focus #6 - Inspiration

Music Artist - By, Christopher ©

The “Seven Weeks of Focus” series is going to be a collection of seven original soundtrack from the By, Christopher YouTube channel.

1. Meditation

2. The Present Moment

3. Breathe in light, Breathe out Stress

4. Emotions

5. Compassion - (for yourself)

7. Compassion for Humanity

The focus for this weeks meditation is: Inspiration. What inspires you? What makes you better person? For me it has been my daughter. My little Winter Skye is the joy of my life. She is one year old and I am inspired by her daily. I get to see her developing into such a bright and fun little girl. She loves music, playing on the piano with me, dancing in the kitchen and exploring the unknown (which to this point are rooms in the house and finding new objects).

I bring up my daughter because of what my grandfather did for me as young boy. He gave me the gift of music. Or more specifically the appreciation of classical music. He always had classical music on and playing. Constantly. He loved Beethoven and listening to the Sunday morning opera at the Met. He would critique the performances and tell me stories of opera singers of old that newer voices didn’t compare (or did) to. Those were some cherishes memories for me and I often think of many a Sunday morning spent with him.

We would proceed with our day on the farm and he would always take his radio out with him and have classical music playing as we built a new goat barn or perhaps weened the lambs. It was such a peaceful and simple existence.

I am inspired by my grandfather to pass on what he gave me to my daughter. There is nothing that gives me more joy than to be able to listen music on a Sunday morning with Winter Skye and have her sit on my lap and explain what she is listening to, who wrote the song, what instruments are playing. She might be only one but I know she understands. Because music isn’t a language that is spoken in words.

That is my gift to her and in return she inspires me to write better music so all may enjoy the gift I give to humanity.

Inspiration, YouTube, 2021

Music & Written by By, Christopher ©


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