Seven Weeks Of Focus #5 - Compassion (For Yourself)

Music Artist - By, Christopher ©

The “Seven Weeks of Focus” series is going to be a collection of seven original soundtrack from the By, Christopher YouTube channel.

1. Meditation

2. The Present Moment

3. Breathe in light, Breathe out Stress

4. Emotions

5. Compassion - (for yourself)

6. Inspiration

7. Compassion for Humanity

Compassion for yourself. What an idea! Today more than ever we should be making more time for us. Understanding that there are more stresses out in the world than ever before that affect us daily. Giving ourselves more grace.

It is easy to get wrapped up in day to day life. And before we know it things are moving too quickly for us. We can if we try to look for the simpler moments in the day. With the emergence of spring I am finding more opportunities to find simplicity. The flowers sprouting from the ground, the sound of my daughter as she giggles in her room, noticing the moments that make you stop and appreciate life.

We give so much to others, we live for others. My meditation focus this week is to take some time and give to yourself. Stop and live for yourself for a few moments. Look inward and appreciate the beauty that is you. The impact you have on others will be tenfold if you are in a positive place in life.

Compassion (For Yourself, YouTube, 2021

Music & Written by By, Christopher ©




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