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Seven Weeks Of Focus #1 - Meditation

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

Music Artist - By, Christopher ©

The “Seven Weeks of Focus” series is going to be a collection of seven original soundtrack from the By, Christopher YouTube channel.

1. Meditation

2. The Present Moment

3. Breathe in light, Breathe out Stress

4. Emotions

5. Compassion - (for yourself)

6. Inspiration

7. Compassion for Humanity

The Seven Weeks Of Meditation, Youtube, (2021)

Each week I will be featuring a new soundtrack and each track will be around 20 minutes in length.

The inspiration for this project came to me from every day people who have asked me for more meditative music. Everyone tells me that they love how the piano makes them feel when they listen to my music. So in keeping with the By, Christopher theme I am choosing to feature the piano with a warm pad underneath for a wonderful calming effect.

The biggest difference between this new series and my piano album “ A Reflection of Time” is that this new series will be less “theme” heavy. I am told all the time that A Reflection of Time is something that listeners love to listen to right before bed. The Seven Week of Focus series will literally be something you can wake up and meditate to.

That is something new for me personally as most of my music people say they fall asleep to. I wanted to give people something they can wake up and get their day going. I thought, “lots of people do meditation in the morning and that is something so good for everyone’s mental health”. The tie-in between mental health awareness (which is a big focus of my brand) meditation and calm soothing piano sounds seemed like a natural fit.

My hope from this exciting series of soundtracks is that people can start to focus on their own mental health. We all know that COVID has had a big impact on our lives. Stresses we haven’t ever faced, isolation that causes anxiety and many other factors that are unique to people’s lives. I hope that this can be one more resource people will use to add into their own lives in their own personal way.

There is no right or wrong way to use my music. How ever it resonates with you is all that matters. Once all seven soundtracks are available you may want to start with the one that speaks to you the most. I hope that whatever good my music has in your life you chose to pass it on to someone else that you may add more light in to their life.

Music & Written by By, Christopher ©

Twitter - @bychristopher1


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1 Comment

Karen Clerget
Karen Clerget
Feb 17, 2021

This is exciting news about a new meditative series. I’m looking forward to the 7 weeks and seeing which ones help me best to de-stress, reflect and re-focus. Thanks, Christopher!

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