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New York, New York.

By Lockdowninspired

A few shots I took with my phone in New York City in June 2019. A memorable trip which was a surprise birthday present from my husband. NYC is certainly the city that never sleeps, as I didn't sleep the five days I was there. It was the best city break EVER.

Here are some of my memories of this wonderful city.

I will be back very soon.

1. June 2019 - The reason for the surprise. I got to watch World Heavyweight Champion Anthony Joshua fight the challenger Andy Ruiz at the legendary Madison Square Gardens (pic 1 and 3). 'The Garden' is a great arena with powerful vibe. Loved the crowd especially the man sat yards from me shouting against Joshua - "Pretty boy, you gonna get beat, you can't come over here, You too pretty".

All this while eating his prepared homemade sandwiches out of a blue plastic bag. Although AJ lost, I had an amazing experience at this event. It was great to be there also to support Ireland's undisputed lightweight champion Katie Taylor, who is killing the game for the girls in the world of boxing. Great show and experience.

.2. Very excited when I saw our UK boy AJ on this billboard in Times Square. The day before the fight.

3. Katie Taylor - Pride of Ireland - Doing it for the girls - one of the best fights I have seen with challenger Belgian Delfine Persoon.

4. Empire State Building View - Spectacular views and amazing experience.

5. The viewing deck.

6. King Kong - Legendary movie (1933) which featured this iconic building.

7. Times Square - I thought London was busy, Times Square is unreal. So much to see and do, it is overwhelming and a fantastic vibe. Don't let go of your kids here. Every shop you can imagine I dragged my husband too. Fantastic having the opportunity to stay near here by Central Park.

8. Ground Zero - perfect memorial for such a tragic event. September 11th 2001. I think everyone remembers across the globe where they were when they heard about this horrific attack on New York. I was watching the first plane thinking it was a terrible accident, only to watch in horror as the second plane hit the second tower.

It was an awful event to witness and so many people were devastated by this. The memorial which now consists of two beautiful waterfalls holds such a peaceful environment. It is a breathtaking tribute to the lives lost.

Amazing experience.

Loved the city, and the people. It is by far my favourite city. Apart from my hometown :)




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1 Comment

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Jan 28, 2021

Beautiful pictures. Sounds like it was a very incredible trip.

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