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Invoking Lakshmi - Goddess Of Abundance

Written and Meditation by Ramya Pillay

One of my biggest passions is to bridge the gap between ancient wisdom and science. I believe we are sitting on a mountain of untapped potential that is waiting to be rediscovered; so we can find the solutions to modern day diseases and live a fulfilled life.

In my corporate career panning 15 years working in Human Resources, I have seen up close just how much stress and disease are affecting our lives. I couldn't ignore it any longer and decided to take action to raise awareness and empower people. What started off as a small initiative soon became a calling for me. This led me to train in alternative therapies like Reiki, Energy medicine and Emotional Freedom Techniques. I also began to explore the science behind these ancient tools by researching neuroscience, quantum physics, biochemistry, psychology, the list is endless!

I am very grateful for the opportunity to work in this area, there is nothing more fulfilling than knowing that at the end of each day I have influenced someone's life in a positive way. I truly believe sustainable well-being is an inside job. It starts with taking back your power, owning your life and reigniting your connection with the unshakeable and unstoppable you. I look forward to meeting you on your journey there.

​In gratitude,


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Welcome To Another Soul Saturday.

Financial abundance isn't just about money anymore. We look at it as a measure of success, even feeling worthy and approved. Abundance like everything around us is energy. So what if just for a few minutes we choose to tap into the energy of abundance without the added meanings above. This simple shift will allow our energies to expand and connect with the goddess of abundance - Lakshmi. Watch the magic unfold. Ramya xoxo

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Soul Saturday, Ramya Pillay, Invoking Lakshmi - Goddess of Abundance, YouTube, 2021


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