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Empower Your Mindset ~ Interview Series - Guests - Pearl & Jillian Fleer

Weekly Series ~ Every Friday by Stephanie Lau

About Stephanie

Stephanie Lau is a mindfulness-based coach and personal development writer. She left a career as an arts educator in order to focus on sharing her knowledge in mindfulness, meditation, and reiki healing modalities after experiencing traumatic events. In 2018, she trained with the nonprofit Access Mindfulness to help New York City schools and underserved communities live in more self-aware, compassionate, and mindful ways. Her mission is to help consciously-minded leaders, entrepreneurs, and creatives transform and heal blockages and trauma through self-love and self-awareness practices.


Today You'll Meet The Energy Healers, Dr. Eric Pearl & Jillian Fleer!

Dr. Eric & Jillian, his life partner and Director of Insight & Development, travel the world teaching live events, courses and training programs in what science today calls Reconnective Healing®️.

Eric has appeared on The Dr. Oz Show, CNN and in The New York Times, and his bestselling book, The Reconnection: Heal Others, Heal Yourself, is endorsed by Deepak Chopra, Wayne Dyer and many more.

One of the most fascinating and magical conversations I’ve ever had!

I really hope you love learning from these wise and beautiful souls, I know I did!

You'll like this interview if you want to know the NEXT LEVEL of AWARENESS and how ENERGY HEALING takes place.

What You'll Learn:

Presence: Energy, Light, and Information vs. The Thinking Mind

Understanding the "Intelligence" of Receptivity and Healing

Awareness, Manifestation and Evolution

How to be Healing and Love itself

Doing vs. Being

Surrender to Play

The freedom and action of Being-ness

With love,



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