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By Christopher: After Dark LIVE On Clubhouse

By Christopher: After Dark LIVE on Clubhouse

Starting NIGHTLY Monday 4/19/21 at 8 PM PDT @byChristopher1

If someone would have asked me 5 months ago if I would ever be hosting a live Clubhouse series I would have asked “what’s a Clubhouse?” It’s funny how life opens doors to places you never imagined yourself yet here I am.

Coming out of a successful “7 weeks of focus” series I was eager to begin looking towards new ways to bring my music to people. I was introduced to the new app Clubhouse by a lady whose podcast I was a guest on. I began to see the potential of it. Conversations, audience engagement, new connections. If only I could play my music live.

The good news is I can and I am. I wanted to bring a series that would not only bring live music to the audience but be able to have conversations with them as well. You might say that every night will be a new adventure of music and friendship.

As much as I want to bring value and impact in to peoples' lives, I want to learn from those very same people as well. Clubhouse really allows you to do that in a personal way. If you want to stop by and listen for a few minutes, that’s fine. If you have something you’d like to share I will make sure to include your voice in the series.

I will also be debuting new material on the series as well (yes even before YouTube). It’ll be a place where I can get feedback from the audience. You never know when a new song will make a debut but when it does it’ll be on Clubhouse.

Lastly, I am always working on new ideas, new concepts to try out, writing new music. I am forever grateful to the people I don’t just call fans but friends. If we’ve never met I’d like to get to know you. I’d like to hear your story, what impacts you, what your inspirations are. At the end of the day if music is an ingredient, friendships are the cake.

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