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Birmingham...The Underrated City

Photography - Lockdowninspired ©

Birmingham (2019)

1. Family comes in many forms. Statue in Centenary Square.

2. Birmingham is a city of culture, innovation, creativity and diversity.

3. The Library of Birmingham is the largest public library in the UK and the largest public cultural space in Europe. Its unusual design is to represent the famous Jewellery Quarter.

4. Birmingham has its very own Ivy - a prestigious restaurant chain - and more Michelin-starred restaurants than any UK city outside London.

5. 'If you like good music, that sweet soul music', take a trip down Digbeth to the Night Owl - the UK's only bespoke Northern Soul club.

6. A tribute to Ozzy Osbourne and Black Sabbath, four lads from Birmingham who changed rock music forever by inventing heavy metal.

Found on Broad Street.

7. The Love Lock Bridge - A spot for lovers to signify their commitment by placing padlocks on the bridge - near Gas Street Basin, the centre of the UK's canal network.

8. Birmingham is famous for having more miles of canal than Venice.

9. St Phillips Cathedral recently celebrated it 300th anniversary. It sits in the city centre, a few hundred yards away from the Gothic splendour of Birmingham's other cathedral, St Chad's.

10. The Radisson Blu Hotel - Sheathed in glass, this heavily protected building in Birmingham City Centre is stunning to look at. It can be seen for miles around.

11. Inside the Radisson.

12. The Birmingham Hippodrome, home to the world-class Birmingham Royal Ballet and the busiest single theatre in the UK.

13. Last but not least - The Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Home of the world's greatest collection of pre-Raphaelite paintings.

Birmingham is a wonderful city, which inspires me everyday. I love its diversity, its culture and the welcoming vibes I get from the people. I love Birmingham for its busy-ness and greenery - it has six million trees, five hundred and seventy one parks and two hundred and fifty miles of streams and brooks.

It has the crazy city life and the tranquility of Sutton Park, the biggest urban park in Europe.

Birmingham is home to the Balti dish, Banghra music and the Peaky Blinders.

It has it all. Great people, great accents, great city.

Written and Photography - by Lockdowninspired ©



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“The modern world was invented in Handsworth by some scientists” - Steven Knight, Hollywood screenwriter, creator of Peaky Blinders.

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