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Things Are Sweeter With Honey

Marc Chabrier ©

Things are sweeter with honey! Everyone has heard this saying and it actually goes a long way when used with honesty and good intentions. These days so many people are going through so many things and depression is on the rise. Let’s all be forward-thinking and deliver a bunch of goodness to as many people as we can.

To expand on this I will tell you guys a pretty heartfelt story of a young man who desperately needed a medical appointment. This appointment was needed asap. That young man happens to be a super cool guy that wants to do his very best in life. He learns and grows at every step of the way. That young man in fact is yours truly! Have you met him too?!

Anyway, so I had been calling this office to try to get an appointment and the lines were busy but finally got someone to schedule. The gentleman said that my doctor was booked up for the next sixth months. I then asked him to put me on a cancellation list in case others canceled. About a week went by I believe and I decided to call back.

OMG, this is taking forever....

Every time I called the lines were either busy or you would be left on hold for quite some time. Eventually after waiting for almost a half hour or so the line would automatically transfer to a voicemail of a nurse. That voicemail box would end up being full, so I wasn’t able to leave a message.

I would try again the next day. Finally, I was able to leave a voicemail and felt like I was victorious! Don’t get too excited just yet folks, there’s more to the story. I figured I would wait to hear back from them for a couple of days. Nothing, nada, zip! So I decided to call them back and see if I could speak with anyone who would answer. Got transferred to the voicemail that was full again. So frustrating, right?!

The voice-mailbox you have reached is full!

I decided that I would just try again in a couple of days. Overall I am a pretty patient person and I do understand that our medical industry is understaffed and it’s just tough all around. To get to the point of all this, I managed to speak with a young lady to schedule and she was just not a very nice person in that conversation. I could tell she was just having a super bad day.

It is important to me to be as nice as I can regardless of how I am treated. Most times it is pretty difficult because many people just don’t seem to be happy with themselves or their immediate world, but I do it anyway. I do my very best to not take it personally as these people have no clue of who I am. I have to keep reminding myself of these things and they do usually end up ok. Always remember, things are sweeter with honey.

The lady had to put me on hold quickly to figure things out. Once she got back on the line I thanked her very much for her time. Before I could finish she interrupted to get my info. Again I reminded myself that they are understaffed and very stressed out. I then told her that I was very grateful for her checking to see if I could get an appointment. Then I went on a monologue about how much I valued our medical professionals and what they do for us.

You are amazing!

It is always important to be genuine and speak from the heart. She proceeded to tell me that she was new and that she wasn’t even trained. She was the only one in the office tending to calls etc. I also told her that I could just imagine how some people would treat them due to the long wait times and so on. She then thanked me so much and got emotional.

She then said, “I have great news! There was a cancellation last night and the appointment is for today at 240pm.” I said, “sign me up!” She said that after all the nice and respectful things I said to her it made her more compelled to help me with my appointment request. Victory was mine!


I know we all know that it is always good to be nice and the saying goes things are sweeter with honey. The saying is usually a ploy to get your way if you are in a tough situation, but please do remember that it’s nice to be nice always without expectations of any sort of reward. The reward is just knowing that we try to do the right things.


Tell us about a time when you had a “Things are sweeter with honey” story.


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