The Moon And Me

By BigBuddha ©

E2E Blogger

My Feelings In The Presence Of The Moon.


The sun and moon, night and day, the darkness verses light. Total opposites with so much control. The feelings and emotions these polar opposites possess is uncanny. The sun is bright, warm and full of joy for those wanting to have fun. I’m someone who generally sits back and takes in my surroundings. I’m not one for talking too much. I grew up in large group gatherings, whether it was family or friends, which always made me nervous. Even though I know lots of people I always felt I couldn’t talk openly. My mouth would stick together. People would make comments such as I need to speak up and then made judgements on my personality.

He’s boring! He has nothing to say! He's too serious! Is he stupid? It’s actually not that I don't have things to say and I am certainly not stupid or boring. But I couldn’t work out what it was. Why did I behave in such a manner? Why did I freeze? Why did my personality change? If you know me, I’m actually quite funny, I have many interesting things to say and can be a pretty cool person. In my youth I played lots of sports and with the sports I chose came men who were loud and fighting to be top dog. I loved the sports I played and wanted to be a professional. Unfortunately I couldn’t deal with the people with their loud personalities and the group banter. I lost interest in wanting to go and participate in what I loved. When going out with friends in groups, I often came home early or let people down last minute. The only time I stayed out was when I was influenced by alcohol. I only seemed to connect with a small number of people. Although I knew people, there was never a real connection. Over the past year, I have worked on myself and have changed. I see things differently - I’m reading, writing, observing nature and moving into a spiritual way of life - something I never thought I would do. There is now a different level of awareness in my thinking.

I wish to share my thoughts through a comparison between the sun and the moon. We associate the sun with the warm weather, with holidays, drinks in the garden and meeting with friends. The sun is our fun friend, radiating its glow to us all. I have always been a sun person (even though I sweat profusely). The world seems so much happier and alive when the sun is out. People smile and say hello, there is a bounce in our step, positive vibes all around. The sky is blue, with either no clouds or sparking white clouds above. It's the feel good factor. The moon on the other hand always seemed dark, lonely and withdrawn. No heat, dark feelings, pitch black sky and no fun to be had. There are no smiles to be seen, no playing or carnivals in the park. A completely different world. The emotions were so different that ran through my body. I yearned for the bright, warm sun to be in my life. Even though I was uncomfortable in it, I wanted to be seen as normal. This was until recently I felt a shift in how I saw the moon and the energies it radiated. I felt that I was in the rat race for human acceptance; no part of the social media life excited me. I listened to people talk and brag of their exaggerated/fake life and it pained me. It was the 3D experience. I have never been one for a crowd or big talking, but my thoughts and feelings now are heightened. I realise it’s not a problem being quiet, missing out on a party or not being the centre of attention. For years I’d been made to feel something was wrong with me or I was boring. I know now it’s okay to be this way. It’s actually more than okay; it’s amazing, it’s real and it’s me. As mentioned, my path has been a spiritual one over the past 12 months and my feelings are getting stronger. Whilst recently out walking one night talking to my loved one, I looked up at the moon, breathed in, and had a revelation. The moon shone bright, it was surrounded by darkness, standing alone, projecting its light to the world. I felt it’s strength and kindness looking deep into my soul, it was bold and open for me to look at it eye to eye. It made me think. Yes, the sun is warm and you feel a happy vibe, but I then realised it’s like an extrovert friend or superficial item. People flock when it’s out, but the happy feeling is short lived. When the sun is out there is already light, it comes out when it feels like it. When it’s out you feel good but sad when it leaves. I like to look at people and see them. The sun doesn’t allow you to look at it, if you try you will be burnt. You need protection from it and too much exposure is bad for your health. The sun is there for the good times, when it’s ready. It has a hot fiery environment

"It’s strong, calm demeanour relaxes my mind, empowers my spirit and seems to somehow connect with my heart."

The moon is always there in the darkness, it shines bright and you feel the touch of the universe that protects us at night. It allows us to see itself fully and causes no harm. The moon expects no love, it doesn't ask for thanks, it is your introvert friend. It allows us to look directly, it's there for us in the dark times. Its cool environment offers a calming presence. It has phases and shows itself in its feelings. Full moon, crescent moon, either way it reflects its personality. The moon really touches my thoughts and presents many qualities of my own personality. It’s strong, calm demeanour relaxes my mind, empowers my spirit and seems to somehow connect with my heart. It controls the seas and can guide our emotions.

I see the sun as a superficial being and the moon as a deep meaningful soul, an introvert just like me. Some will agree or disagree with my thoughts and that's okay. We all feel differently. My thoughts, feelings and emotions tell me; the moon has a higher consciousness, expressing spirituality in a 5D world.

by BigBuddha ©

E2E Blogger

"I have always felt a little bit different, like I didn’t fit into the environments I was in. Many years passed as I wore a mask to fit into society. About 12 months ago that all changed. I had someone inspire me to look into spirituality. I started reading, meditating amongst others things. I haven’t looked back, I feel I now understand who I am, what I’m about and want to help others do the same".

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