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The Astonishing Way Angels Healed My Soul

Written by Jacqueline Davieau ©

E2E Weekly Blogger - Every Sunday

The beautiful thing about angels is that we all have them. Our angels are eager to help with anything that we ask them for. There is a Universal Law of Free Will that they will never disobey. That being said, we have to give them permission to intervene in in our lives. The experience that I am about to share with you is exactly that, myself giving my own personal angels permission to help me. And that is what they did. Since the death of my son, my soul has been in need of deep healing. The type of healing that could never come from the Earthy Realm. The healing that took place in the story I am about to share with you was spiritual in nature. No doctor or medication could have had the same outcome. I asked for help and that is exactly what I received. I hope that you all enjoy this experience as much as I did. While reading, please know that your angels are also waiting for you to give them permission to help heal your soul.

God Bless you all

The Arch of Healing

I tried something new today. It was something beautiful and healing. I asked for my angels to touch and heal me, and they did just that. For whatever reason I woke up extremely early. The house was completely silent, even my rambunctious puppy was still fast asleep. I took advantage of the free time and turned on some angel meditation music, laid down on my Reiki table, closed my eyes, and then asked: “Angels will you please touch me? I want to feel what you feel and see what you see. Please help me feel better inside and out.” Instantly I felt as if my entire body had a slight vibration. It was such a comforting feeling that I felt the strongest in my heart. The aches and pains were gone! And my mind was instantly lifted to happiness and bliss. Could this really be happening, are angels touching me? I asked them to touch me, and they did. I softly said out loud, “Please let me see what you see.

With my eyes closed I saw a bright white light, and the vibration in my body increased. I felt as if my soul was leaving my body and floating upward. Then the light dimmed, and I found myself somewhere else. I was no longer in my healing room, nor was I even indoors anymore. This is where true healing began. I was laying in a bed of tall, emerald green grass. As I gently opened my eyes, I could see a ray of sunshine beaming down between the blades of grass, landing right on my face. It was as if I had been asleep and just awoken. As I sat up slowly, I was taken back by the beauty that surrounded me. The grass I had been sleeping on was on the shore of a vast pond. The pond had crystal clear water, and two swans were drifting effortlessly near me.

To the left of me were cattails swaying in the wind. With each movement they made, I could hear the sound of heavenly music playing. I saw a golden structure, in between the plants' movement. I stood up to get a better view, and what I saw were four golden arches that came together at the top in breathtaking architecture. This is not something you would find here on Earth. This was definitely divine.“I am in Heaven”, I said to myself. My words were heard and in response four balls of white light surrounded me. As they moved, they left a trail of glitter. It reminded me of Tinker Bell, and it made me giggle like I was a child again. “Yes, you are dear” the balls of light responded. Communication here is different, words are not spoken out loud, you speak from heart to heart, and soul to soul. “Come with us, we have something to show you.”

I trusted them and had an understanding that they were my angels. They were not tall, or in human form, nor did they have wings. They were in their energetic bodies, their pure form. They began to guide me through the cattails to the gold arches. The closer we got the better I felt, inside and out. The music from the cattails became louder as if they enjoyed me following my angels. When we arrived at the golden arches I was consumed with love. The entire structure was pure gold, even the floor.

In the middle of the building was a golden table. It was about 8 feet long and 3 feet wide. Its surface was a mirror. Then the angels directed me to walk past the table. In the far corner was a marble fountain. The top of the fountain was made into the shape of a lion's head and water was pouring from its mouth. “Please drink, the water is strength. “ I clasped my hands together, reached down into the fountain, and began to drink the water. It was the most refreshing thing I have ever tasted. It gave me instant strength and I felt a healing begin throughout my entire body. “Where are we?” I had to ask. I knew we were in Heaven, but what is this magical place? “This is the Arch of Healing. You asked to see what we see, and to help you feel better.” The angels then guided me back to the table we had just walked past.“Please lay down.”

Before I climbed onto the table, I was mesmerized by the mirror surface. Under the mirror were multiple shades of blue, pink, purple and green. The colors were swirling together and looked like waves in the ocean. When I speak of the colors of Heaven, they are not like those we have here on Earth. They are alive and have a light that shines from within. I was eager and excited to climb onto the table. As I stretched out, I realized that I was floating right above the table. Exactly how I felt at the beginning of this experience.“You asked for healing, so we brought you to the place of soul healing.” My heart was filled with a feeling I have never experienced before, and my heart felt as if it were physically growing. The feeling was absolute truth and awareness. I have never been so present or alive in a single moment. “A broken soul will never feel right in a human body. You have to heal first from within, only then will physical healing take place,” the four angels explained to me. As I lay there floating over the table, I saw a golden white light come down from the top of the archway and completely surround my entire body.“Breathe in.” I began to take deep, slow, meaningful breaths, and as I did, I was inhaling the gold light. “The light will heal your soul.” They were exactly right; the golden light was healing my soul. Tears of pure joy began to pour down my face as this spiritual transformation took place. I had an instant understanding that all of my emotional pain was only temporary, that all the pain I had been experiencing since I lost my son would soon be forgotten when I returned to my true home. With this understanding I felt an overwhelming sense of relief consume me. I took in a final deep breath, and just like that I was back in my room. I opened my eyes and expressed gratitude.“Thank you so much angels for helping me!”

My face was wet with tears of joy in both my physical body and my spiritual body. Something amazing had just taken place, I was given spiritual healing and spiritual strength from angels. As I am writing this out after the fact, I can still feel the healing taking place in my body. You too can be healed by your angels; all you have to do is ask. They are standing by waiting for our permission to interact with us.

This is an experience that I will never forget, and for which I am forever grateful. Thank you angels, for allowing me to see what you see, and feel what you feel.

So Much Love,


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