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Peace Starts In You

Artist: Steven C. Eaton ©

Peace Starts In You - 2018

"The title of this piece is the same as the words painted within the stylized peace sign. The concept is from the Eastern spiritual philosophy that world peace will be achieved when everyone finds peace within themselves. However, in my experience true inner peace comes from healing emotional wounds. This is what the peace symbol shaped like a teardrop represents, inner peace attained from letting yourself cry in order to release suppressed emotions. Releasing emotions and thus healing emotional wounds will bring you the most profound inner peace imaginable. That's what this piece is all about."

This piece is striking. I loved the use of colours. Thank you for sharing the inspiration behind your work. The message is beautiful. If you like Steven's work and want to purchase a piece, head over to his website www.artpal.com/BlueLyran


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