New Day

By BigBuddha ©

E2E Blogger

Why are 90% of people d*cks?

Happy to upset others, not giving a s***

Talk to you like crap

Why should you suffer that

Feeling no way

Driving me away

Day by day the noise wears thin

I’m close to punching most in the chin

Why’s it okay for people to put you down

Treating you like a clown

Saying things that make you mad

But when you bite back your the one that’s bad

How does that work, is it right?

You’ve upset me day and night

I say one word

I must have touched a nerve now I’m the awful one

These games you wish to play

I do not wish to participate in any way

Your ego, your voice, your snaky ways

I’m done it’s a new day

No longer will I suffer pain because of another

My meditation has put me at ease

Insecurities you have, make you weak

You try now to put them on me

Before I got angry

Now I smile

Realising you hate because you're not me.

Written By BigBuddha © 2021

E2E Blogger

"I have always felt a little bit different, like I didn’t fit into the environments I was in. Many years passed as I wore a mask to fit into society. About 12 months ago that all changed. I had someone inspire me to look into spirituality. I started reading, meditating amongst others things. I haven’t looked back, I feel I now understand who I am, what I’m about and want to help others do the same".

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