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By Trevor Woodgate ©

About Trevor

I was born with a lot of spiritual knowledge. But blocked them out at a early age.

Dealing with a difficult life due to my empathic side my spiritual side fully awakened about four years ago. I have now been training as a medium for just over three years. My Facebook page is called Eyes Of The Dragon to reflect my spiritual animal which is the dragon. I love writing short spiritual philosophy with the aid of my philosophy guide.

I work to help other not to benefit myself.

Thus humanity will grow.


As we look at our life

We look at our mistakes

We regret the decisions we made

Yet those decisions made us who we are

We were meant to make those mistakes

So we could learn from them

The lessons of life

We walk our path of life

We moan about the past year

The difficulty that transitioned through

Yet we are the lucky ones

We have a home to live in

Others struggle in the streets

Sleeping in the cold

Spending their days with hunger

Their life’s spiralling downwards

Yet others have had their home taken away

From the floods

From the fires

From the wars

They only want peace

Look upon your life with honour

We are the lucky ones


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1 Comment

Amy Temple
Amy Temple
Apr 20, 2021

Very well written😁👍

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