Finding My Way

By BigBuddha

E2E Blogger

"I have always felt a little bit different, like I didn’t fit into the environments I was in. Many years passed as I wore a mask to fit into society. About 12 months ago that all changed. I had someone inspire me to look into spirituality. I started reading, meditating amongst others things. I haven’t looked back, I feel I now understand who I am, what I’m about and want to help others do the same".

I wanted to learn, have a faith

Everybody seems to have one

Why am I so late

Each time I tried to believe

My heart just wouldn’t open

Years go by and I realise

Religion is not going to be on my side

Then what do you know

A special voice guided me

Don’t look to hard and it will come

You will find your sun

By picking up a book and reading

Text about Buddha would you believe

My mind started to open

My mouth starts to gasp

Spirituality is the answer

At long last.

Buddha, Osho, Rumi and Lao Tzu let me know

Spirituality means just be you

You are the light, a shining God

It’s been inside you, you silly sod

I am in control of what I believe

What I see, hear and achieve

Guided to choose what to follow

To disregard anything, which causes sorrow

My journey is long, only just begun

My emotions high but I borrow none

The timing was right

Now I’m ready to listen

The man with the big belly

My life begins to glisten

Continuing on the journey

The path of self love is so true

Until then, I’ll be on my way

With my beard and top knot

To meditate not pray.


By BigBuddha ©

E2E Blogger

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