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Do This One Thing To Attract More Wealth

By Melissa Acob ©

My name is Melissa, I’m a Spiritual Master Life Coach. My practice is focused on healing early childhood conditioning, childhood trauma, and limiting beliefs which are still stored in our subconscious mind. Our subconscious mind makes 95% of our decisions and how we react. We have to heal our past trauma in order to remove the conditioning that still effects our adult lives in career, relationships, health, and self development. Once we heal the past and reframe our mindset, we can “consciously” move forward, making better decisions and manifesting more opportunities and abundance in our lives. It’s important to understand there are two kinds of spirituality, one is connecting to your inner self and unconditional love for yourself, the other is connecting to a higher source. We all have the answers already in us, my job as a life coach is to guide you along the way in discovering your true authentic self and who you are really meant to be.


"Gratitude" is a wealth and opportunity magnet. If you are not practicing Gratitude every day, you are missing out on things that could help your business grow. When you practice Gratitude there is no room for fear and doubt and your vibration is at a higher frequency that can be matched.

When we are in a scarcity mindset and feel we need to control our business, that is from a fear and ego standpoint. That fear and ego comes from something in our subconscious being triggered causing doubt in your conscious state. When we doubt, we are in a lower vibrational mindset and that energy attracts negative outcomes.

Your mindset controls your outcome. I work with clients to release those subconscious triggers, release the need of having to control their business from an ego and fear standpoint. Once you have accomplished that, your business and wealth will start to grow using the Law of Attraction. Want to learn more?

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